Graphic designing process

 we take pride in our experienced designing team. With years of experience, our skilled designing team crafts images that tell a story. Based on conventional understanding and intensive research on user context, our images evoke the right emotions and differentiates your products, services and brand from the rest.


Step 1: Analysing

Based on your needs, our team's priority is research. Only when this information is analyzed, does our team develop a design brief.


Step 2: Ideation

Based on the brief, our design team understands the specifications and starts their ideation process.


Step 3: Designing

With the brief, specifications, and idea in place; our team starts doing what they do best - design!

Video Designing and marketing process

Our team of video experts ensure that our videos have a more profound impact on a customer's mind. Over the years, our videos have proven to be highly effective and have given excellent results in the form of leads, conversion and branding.

Step 1: Identifying The Right Goals

Videos are expensive to produce; therefore we ensure that thorough research is carried out before our video team starts with any project.


Step 2: Choosing The Right Approach

The next step is to understand the 'what' of any video. We analyze our goals and settle on the best approach.


Step 3: Choosing The Right Tone

It's essential to decide on the tone of the video based on the reaction we want to elicit from the audience.

Step 4: Deciding On The Duration

We decide on the duration of the video to ensure that it is focused and will lead to the right engagement.

Step 5: Writing The Script

Our team of content writers then start working on an appropriate script based on the parameters mentioned above.

Step 6: Action!

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